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Keep the Door Open for Mental Health

UBCSS Staff Attends “Keep the Door Open” Rally

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On February 25, six staff members from Upper Bay Counseling & Support Services travelled to Annapolis to attend a rally at Lawyers Mall. This Rally was focused on gathering attention for the upcoming “Keep the Door Open” Act (formerly the Guzzone bill).

On this day, behavioral health advocates from all over the state of Maryland gathered to rally for legislation at the state capital. They were calling for passage of this bill that would provide better access to mental health services for people in need.

The Rally was a huge success with hundreds of people in attendance. Clients and providers met in the area between the House of Delegates and the Maryland Senate to express the need for increased funding for behavioral and mental health.

The bill focuses on ensuring annual budget increases for providers who serve the mental health community. Non-profit providers such as Upper Bay Counseling & Support Services receive funding from the State. A bill like the Keep the Door Open Act will provide some security for providers so they can, not only pay to retain their staff, but also provide more services throughout their communities.

Behavioral health clinics lack some of the resources and staff to help everyone who needs their services in the community. The individuals who suffer the most from a lack of services are those who are in crisis and forced to go to emergency rooms for care. These visits come at a much higher cost. The increased funding that would arise from this bill would lessen the amount of emergency room visits and increase community services across the state.

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